Rincon is a Global Provider of
Telecommunication Equipment and Services

Rincon provides Investment Recovery Programs for communication service providers and large enterprises. There are two key aspects to these programs; the first is its “3R” service, which involves the Re-Deployment, Re-Marketing, and Recycling of surplus assets that are owned by customers. Implementing this service creates cost savings by reducing the operating costs associated with these assets. The other aspect to this program is that Rincon allows these customers to purchase hardware (used and new) as well as services from the customers’ share of the revenue that is generated in the Re-Marketing and Recycling of the assets.
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Rincon offers complete system solutions for new optical build-outs and individual components for growth and maintenance requirements. Rincon's unique blend of new and used equipment helps our customers save money.
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Rincon provides a full range of services including Investment Recovery, On-Site Inventory Services, Inventory Valuation, Reverse Logistics, and Spares Management.
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private label optics

Rincon offers an extensive product portfolio of OEM compatible optical transceivers from legacy to leading edge connectivity solutions for data center and telecom applications.
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