We want to help reduce the cost, time and environmental impact of building telecommunication networks. Because doing so increases access to communication and information, which are not only basic human rights but essential to economic prosperity for people throughout the world.

Jason and Mike / Rincon Technology Co-Founders

Business Model

Rincon Technology provides Investment Recovery Programs for communication service providers and large enterprises. There are two key aspects to these programs; the first is its “3R” service, which involves the Re-Deployment, Re-Marketing, and Recycling of surplus assets that are owned by customers. Implementing this service creates cost savings by reducing the operating costs associated with these assets. The other aspect to this program is that Rincon allows these customers to purchase hardware (used and new) as well as services from the customers’ share of the revenue that is generated in the Re-Marketing and Recycling of the assets.


In addition to its Investment Recovery Programs, the Company is also a re-seller of both new and used telecommunications equipment, as well as other professional services.

Key Elements

  • High quality new and used equipment at up to 90% savings
  • Large on hand inventory that eliminates lead times
  • Investment recovery solutions that save time and make money
  • ISO 9001 certified processes executed by Six Sigma greenbelts
  • Multi-OEM sparing and maintenance solutions 
  • Optics – Private label, OEM new and Customized Services 

Culture and Core Values

Rincon was founded on the idea that if you want a company that is innovative and financially successful and ultimately one that has an impact on the world, you must create, nurture and sustain a culture of collaboration. When you are working with people who have shared values and you are making a positive impact on your customers and the world its rewarding and fun!

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Success
  • Be Bold
  • Collaboration

Our Mission

The ability to communicate makes it possible for people to express themselves, gather information, and exchange knowledge, experience as well as opinions. Without having the possibility to communicate with other people, it is nearly impossible for any individual, community, group, institution or nation to prosper.


With the birth of the Internet and mobile phones it became apparent to the founders of Rincon Technology that the nature of communication (and information), which are inherent human rights, was changing. They wanted to do their part to ensure access to communication and information for the citizens of the world.


The Founders also believe that a market-based approach is best for solving problems. In their minds increasing access to the technology that facilitates and improves communication and therefore the gathering and sharing of information was essentially an economic one. It is expensive, takes time and has an environmental impact to build communication networks. Rincon wants to help increase access, by doing its part to reduce the costs, time and environment associated with building and maintaining the telecommunication networks.