Announcement: Rincon’s Sustainability Action Plan

We are excited to announce our Sustainability Action Plan.

The priorities within this document were developed from a data driven and collaborative approach. This plan took shape after reviewing other leading businesses’ environmental plans, dialogues with Industry leaders, and then was further informed by engaging with our internal data.

It is only by understanding the key environmental concerns we face as a global business that Rincon can continue to develop and implement new innovations that reduce the environmental impact associated with building and maintaining telecommunication networks.


Rincon Technology is a pioneer in sustainability. In 2003, when we launched the company, our mission was to help reduce the cost, time, and environmental impact of building telecommunication networks. As such, sustainability has always been at the core of what we do.

In recent years, many of our Communication Service Provider customers have launched robust sustainability initiatives of their own and we’ve supported these efforts via our Investment Recovery Services; Re-Deployment, Re-Market, and Recycle. In addition to supporting our partners with their Sustainability Initiatives, we set high internal standards to reduce the environmental impact of our business processes. We optimize various areas of our business to demonstrate in action, not only words, our commitment to sustainability.

Click below to download the our Sustainability Brochure in Spanish!

To learn more about our Sustainability Initiatives, visit our Sustainability page.

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