Celebrating Juneteenth

Rincon is joining 47 other states and companies such as Nike, Target, Google, the NFL, Mastercard, Adobe and US Bank to observe Juneteenth. Rincon will be closed June 19, 2020.  This is one step of what will be ongoing and specifics steps we are taking in regard to acknowledging and addressing racism. We are going to take ownership of what … Read More

Happy Memorial Day from the Rincon Technology

This weekend, we celebrate Memorial Day – a day to reflect on the individuals who have given their lives to protect our country. We’ve long supported former service members and we are fortunate to have incredible military veterans on our team. We’ve also supported veterans in action, not just words, through donations to Wounded Warrior, we traditionally time these contributions … Read More

The “Must Have” 100G Optic in 2020

The demand for more bandwidth and 100G optics has ramped up. 5G construction has driven the need for 100G optics so that telecommunications demand will exceed levels of the data centers. 10km and 30km applications are growing rapidly in telecommunication applications like mobile backhaul and edge interconnect. Rincon increased inventory of QSFP28 100G compatible parts ahead of the coronavirus epidemic.  … Read More


Having trouble finding the inventory you need because of supply chain interruptions? Let us help you bridge the gap until supply chains normalize. Rincon Technology has a large supply of the latest, cutting edge equipment often in new, unopened boxes. Contact Rincon today for access to thousands of high quality, on hand Green Market items ready to ship immediately. Email … Read More

Women’s Day 2020 at Rincon.

“Strong powerful women in the work place make strong companies. Thank you to the dedicated professional women of Rincon for everything that you do every day to make this a great place for all of us.” – Mike Bartling, Co-Founder, EVP Sales, Rincon “I am very honored to be surrounded by these powerhouse businesswomen today and every day.” – Jason … Read More

Visit Amado Quintanilla at booth #52 at Andina Link in Cartagena, Colombia.

Amado Quintanilla, synonymous with exuberance and style, is the Director of Business Development at Rincon Technology. “You have to do it all with style,” a motto spoken and embodied by the Latino powerhouse ever since he was young. Amado’s passion to connect with people started in college with an interest in Public Relations, but his fire quickly caught the eyes … Read More

Visit Hernán Restrepo Arbelaez at booth #52 at Andina Link in Cartagena, Colombia.

Technology has been one of the most important aspects in Hernán Restrepo Arbelaez’s professional development. Hernán studied technology and electronics throughout his educational career, specializing in systems and telecommunications in college. He began working with Alcatel-Lucent as a​​ global technical assistant, taking wireless telephony through multiple countries, such as Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Morocco, and Hungary. At ​​Telefónica in … Read More

Visit Manuel Alvarez Solano at booth #52 at Andina Link in Cartagena, Colombia.

Manuel Alvarez Solano, Business Development Manager, has become Rincon’s charismatic bridge between company and customer in the Latin American region. “I was on the client side for many years, so I know for certain what customers would like to see when developing the business relationship,” says Manuel. “Above all else, I enjoy listening to customers, discovering what they really need, … Read More