What is Green Market Hardware?

Green market hardware is a term that describes items that were previously owned and are now being resold. We refer to these products as the “green market” because by reselling we are extending the product lifecycle versus recycling these items, an effort that has a positive environmental impact. Sometimes you’ll hear this market referred to as the secondary market, used hardware … Read More

Update: Our Sustainability Results are in!

Since its founding Rincon has been committed to environmental stewardship and so Product Life Cycling thinking is an inherent part of our business model and business activities. We are inspired to see the growth of our customer’s sustainability initiatives and we are committed to supporting them in any way we can. Whether that’s serving as a thought partner in the … Read More

Announcement: Rincon’s Sustainability Action Plan

We are excited to announce our Sustainability Action Plan. The priorities within this document were developed from a data driven and collaborative approach. This plan took shape after reviewing other leading businesses’ environmental plans, dialogues with Industry leaders, and then was further informed by engaging with our internal data. It is only by understanding the key environmental concerns we face as … Read More