Melissa Pedrazzini featured in PTC’s Member Profiles

“Telecom brings light into the darkest places. It brings an interconnection that allows data to flow into places that were unseen and untouched; where before change was slow and economically burdensome. It spotlights where we need to be more aware of political and cultural cruelty to bring about change. It brings health care and diagnosis to the cutting-edge of hope. Our more connected lives create bridges to enable us to identify needs, gaps, and issues, where before we were unaware it existed. This allows us to affect positive growth and change within our world at a more rapid and cost-efficient pace.”

Melissa Pedrazzini, Rincon Technology

Melissa Pedrazzini, who heads up our sales and business development in APAC and the US, explains the Rincon value featured in an interview at the 2019 Pacific Telecommunications Council in Honolulu, HI.

Click here to read the full article on PTC’s website.

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