Inventory Valuation

Knowing what you have means you don't waste money


Business Problem: Lack of visibility into assets

  • Many companies have inadequate inventory information on equipment currently in service or storage
  • Lack of visibility into owned inventory can result in overpayment of expensive OEM maintenance

Solution: Rincon can readily deploy teams for on-site survey of telecom assets

  • Mobile barcode scanners utilized - easily collect manufacturer name, part number, serial number, and description
  • Data output in Excel format
  • Rapid evaluation of asset status to provide recommended action:
  • Internal redeployment
  • Remarketing
  • Recycling
  • Expert assistance with asset disposition following audit

Creative Payment Options

Rincon recognizes that co-op funds can often be difficult to obtain for inventory projects. We provide several flexible and creative payment options to meet those needs. Options Include:


  • Utilize proceeds from consignment equipment sales to fund services work. (Proceeds can also be used to purchase new or used equipment from Rincon Technology


  • Exchange deinstalled equipment for services work (no cash involved)


  • Standard payment option


Rincon Financial Services Team

  • Arrives on-site and does immediate macro audit - photographs all equipment and validates plan
  • Equipment triaged into actionable categories
  • All items palletized
  • Scan/count - each item scanned to collect part number and serial number
  • Report output providing composite list of part number, serial number and quantities
  • Site swept clean
  • Items tagged for removal sent directly to Rincon

Rincon Operations Team

  • Receives items sent from customer site for resale
  • Send items for internal redeployment to customer
  • Send items that do not have value for retail resale to recycling partner

Rincon PMO

  • Finalize audit lists and send to customer
  • Manage chain of custody for recycled items
  • Coordinate with sales team to launch marketing program for resale items