Investment Recovery

Generate cash and reduce costs

Selling Surplus Assets Generates Cash

  • Cash and trade options available
  • Proceeds can be used for the following:
    • New OEM partners equipment - purchase BTI, RAD, Proxim, and other OEM gear directly through Rincon.
    • New Rincon infrastructure equipment - purchase OEM compatible optics, memory, cabling, and other infrastructure equipment.
    • Used equipment - routers, switches, transport, etc.
    • Rincon professional services - installation, de-installation, infrastructure build-outs, etc.

Reduce Operating and Hardware Costs

  • Get non-deployed hardware off maintenance agreements.
  • Leverage self sparing for near end-of-life equipment.

Solve Problem of High Asset Value, and Non Depreciated Assets

  • Better match inventory with expected build-outs by trading non-deployed, non-depreciated assets for hardware needed for new builds.

Project Management

  • All equipment transactions managed through full lifecycle (approval, pickup, receiving, sales, and shipment) through formal project management.


  • All program information available through a secure online web reporting portal.
    • Receipt and sales history and on-hand inventory tracked down to serial number.
    • Available through any web browser, 24 x 7 x 365.
    • Full transparency - all information regarding sales, receipts, and on-hand inventory levels available.
    • Export results to Excel.
    • Secure user logins - individually assiged and managed user IDs.
  • Management report - sent monthly via email directly to partner by Rincon Technology, summarizing sales and receipts for that month as well as on-hand inventory at the end of the month.