The Overview

A custom network solutions provider approached Rincon for their custom design and engineering services. For this particular project, they asked Rincon to design a revolutionary fiber cabinet for a very large cloud provider that was in need of a high quality, high density, secure solution. Rincon custom-designed the new cabinet, handpicked every component in it, and had a winning prototype custom built within a few months.

The Details

At their request, Rincon partnered with a custom network solutions and bandwidth infrastructure provider to design a custom fiber cabinet to replace the current cabinet that wasn’t meeting their standards, or their client’s standards. The Rincon team scoped out the project first with the partner and client Engineering, Operations and Infrastructure Design groups, then started working to custom design a fiber cabinet that would meet all demands from a quality standpoint, from a security standpoint, and from a density standpoint. After working with the customer over several months building and perfecting the prototype, Rincon delivered the final design that met the customer’s quality standards, specifications, and price point – and had it custom built well ahead of projected product development timelines.

The Results

The customer was very satisfied, purchased several units, have plans to order more, and continue to engage Rincon to provide similar solutions because of Rincon’s ability to deliver unparalleled custom design and engineering services in record time.

Why Rincon?

Rincon leverages its market expertise, world-class operations, intellectual property including proprietary software and other internal tools, and utilizes ISO and Six Sigma methodologies and processes to deliver exceptional custom design and engineering services. Rincon delivers custom-designed solutions for Rincon partners or directly to Rincon’s MSO, data center, carrier, and enterprise client base.

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