Executive Summary

Rincon was asked to design and run an Investment Recovery program for the one of the largest Cable Companies in North America. The program included the collection, cataloging, testing, storing, and remarketing of over one hundred thousand data networking and head end hardware assets that otherwise were going be recycled. The successful execution of this program generated tens of millions of dollars, saved millions in operating expenses, and dramatically reduced the environmental impact by keeping these assets in service.

The Process and Results

Before reselling equipment into the green market*, Rincon coordinated the shipping and receiving, inspection and testing of the units; refurbishing them as needed and remarketed the equipment with a warranty. This level of pre-sales work helped the program achieve the highest possible return for the client and high levels of satisfaction and repeat business from the customers who purchased hardware from the program.

Over a 5-year period the strategy that was crafted, executed by Rincon, and produced the following results;

  • Generated $20 million from asset sales
  • Prevented 114,000 items from being sent to recycling facilities
  • Produced $2 million in operating expense avoidance
  • Delivered an RMA rate of 1%

Why Rincon?

Rincon is committed to doing business in a responsible and sustainable way by extending the life of hardware through our Investment Recovery programs which involves the remarketing of surplus assets to the green market in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards. Rincon successfully identifies and negotiates green market opportunities for these assets and passes on the capital generated from these remarketed items to our clients while simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of redeploying these assets from their networks.

*Also known as the used or secondary telecommunications market, the green market refers to the distribution of used, refurbished, recycled, discontinued or surplus product that are in good working condition.

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