The “Must Have” 100G Optic in 2020

The demand for more bandwidth and 100G optics has ramped up.

5G construction has driven the need for 100G optics so that telecommunications demand will exceed levels of the data centers. 10km and 30km applications are growing rapidly in telecommunication applications like mobile backhaul and edge interconnect.

  • Many apps driving bandwidth growth: mobile internet access, cloud storage, and broadband video. 
  • 5G will take the lead in demand for 100G optics. 
  • Edge computing in distributed data centers and backhaul creates additional telco need for 100G. 
  • All types of 100G optical transceivers are needed for fast bandwidth expansion. 
  • 14% CAGR for 100G transceivers for 2020 to 2024. 
Source: Lightcounting, OMDIA and Medium

Rincon has a broad portfolio of 100G parts including QSFP28 SR4, LR4, Dual Rate LR4, ER4L, and CWDM4 compatible with all the leading telecommunication brands.

  • Rincon increased inventory of QSFP28 100G compatible parts ahead of the coronavirus epidemic. 
  • Available for same day shipment at all distances: 100m, 2km, 10km, 25km, 30km and 40km. 
  • 10km and 30km applications are growing rapidly in telco applications like mobile backhaul and edge interconnect. 
  • SR4 optics availability has been impacted by COVID-19. Consider using less expensive, low latency DACs for applications less than 3m. 
  • Rincon has certified compatible dual rate 100G Ethernet / 112G OTU4 optics to maximizes bandwidth on telco networks. 
  • Refurbished 100G switches now coming to the market making upgrades to 100G much more affordable than before. 
  • Rincon also has quick delivery for compatible CFP, CFP2, and CFP4 100G optics. 
  • Compatible with all leading Telco brands: Ciena, Nokia, Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Huawei, and many more. 

Calix, ADTRAM, Brocade and other brand are also available. You can check out some of our optics on our website shop.

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