Update: Our Sustainability Results are in!

Since its founding Rincon has been committed to environmental stewardship and so Product Life Cycling thinking is an inherent part of our business model and business activities. We are inspired to see the growth of our customer’s sustainability initiatives and we are committed to supporting them in any way we can. Whether that’s serving as a thought partner in the development of a new program, or a strategic vendor to help them achieve their already defined goals, Rincon is here to help. We collaborate with our customers on creating and reaching their energy efficiency, carbon footprint, e-waste and product life cycle extension goals. This type of collaborative approach not only reduces the environmental impact of our customers network expansions, but it also helps our customer save money. Savings that can be reinvested in accelerating their network builds.

Rincon believes in leading by example. In 2018, as part of developing our Sustainability Action Plan, we not only outlined our environmentally friendly practices, but we created a systematic approach to measuring how our business activities impacted the environment. You can see what we’ve accomplished so far in the metrics below.

For more information about our Sustainability Initiatives, visit our Sustainability page.

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