Visit Amado Quintanilla at booth #52 at Andina Link in Cartagena, Colombia.

Amado Quintanilla, synonymous with exuberance and style, is the Director of Business Development at Rincon Technology. “You have to do it all with style,” a motto spoken and embodied by the Latino powerhouse ever since he was young. Amado’s passion to connect with people started in college with an interest in Public Relations, but his fire quickly caught the eyes of a diverse workforce at AT&T in Chicago, Illinois, working in a newly created automated TSPS call center and, later, moving towards Engineering and Accounting. 

The California sun brought Amado to the West Coast where he worked as an Office Services Administrator, followed by years leading Data Center Environment, Health and Safety, and eventually as a statewide Environmental Auditor responsible for the management of the Central Office M.O.P., equipment installation and environmental compliance. 

In 2010, Amado joined Rincon and its dynamic work environment, directing the LATAM division of Rincon and a diverse group of excellent professionals. His territory covers Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

His personal interests include event promotion, music, travel, and raw real estate development in ranching and organic coffee farming. Don’t let his love for the environment and nature fool you, Amado thrives while entertaining guests at fine dining establishments and parties and he has exquisite taste in men’s fashion and shoes. 

You can find him on the dance floor and in booth #52 at the Andina Link in Cartagena, Colombia today!