What does it mean to be an employee owner at Rincon?

“It was the original vision for Rincon to serve as a platform that enabled its employees to live the life they have always imagined for themselves. Part of this was to make Rincon an employee-owned company.”

– Mike & Jason, Co-Founders, Rincon Technology


Rincon’s success is owned by its employee owners. From boldness to collaborating with others to leadership in action, Rincon Packmates take calculated risks and respond bravely to situations in new and creative ways. The leaders at Rincon know that great ideas come from those closest to the work. Being bold in communicating and implementing new ideas is how we can improve what we do. Encouraging the mentality of how you can improve and acting on it helps you think and act like an owner, because you are one. Opening ourselves up to possibilities, ideas, and change in all areas of our business that fit with our company’s mission and values leads to the innovation that is required in today and tomorrow’s business climate. 

  • Success Every employee-owner at Rincon has an interest in the commercial and personal success of our customers and our partners. Because success for our customers and partners means success for the Company, and success for the Company means financial success for us as employee- owners.
  • Consistent Improvement The employee-owners at Rincon continually work to improve our individual skills and Company processes. In an increasingly global, fast moving and competitive marketplace, the Company’s success is determined by our commitment to consistent improvement in individual and corporate capabilities.
  • Team Mentality We are all in this together! No one part of Rincon Technology can be successful without the support of the rest of the company. A culture of collaboration is not a nice to have, but a necessity for our business model. Employee ownership enables and re-enforces this mind set.

Financial Benefits

We manage the financial resources of the company responsibly because we see a direct benefit from efficient operations. Managing expenses as if it were our own money benefits each of us and it aids in keeping a long-term mentality for both the success of the company one another. Each year, every employee-owner receives shares in Rincon as a benefit. These shares are in addition to salary and are not paid for by employee-owners. Employee ownership at Rincon works through an “ESOP”. Every employee-owner has an ESOP account that holds their company stock. Between your 401k and ESOP, working at Rincon can help set you up for a secure retirement. 

Professional management 

As an employee-owner, it’s in your best interest for the company to be well-run and efficient. We’re still professionally managed, and the normal rules of business still apply. You benefit from a differentiated brand, high performing culture, well designed business model all enabled by solid IT and financial infrastructure. However, you still have a defined role within the company. You can’t set your own salary or your own hours. You can’t vote to fire people. You might own shares of Coke, but you don’t get to pick the next flavor.

Recently, one of our employees was prompted to share, in their own words, what it means to be an employee owner with the ESOP Association. You can read her experience at Rincon here. Click here to learn more about Employee Ownership at Rincon or here to learn more about the Employee Ownership movement that Rincon is at the forefront of .

Interested in becoming part of the Rincon team? Email careers@rincontechnology.com

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